Vimpex Audio Visual Devices

Vimpex Audio Visual Devices

The Vimpex Banshee Excel range of sounders, beacons, sounder beacons and accessories represents a modern, acoustically advanced and versatile range of conventional electronic sounders, combined units and dedicated beacons. The Vimpex range also includes a selection of electronic bells and a unique combined bell & strobe.

  • Base/platform sounder
  • Wall mount sounders
  • Low current LED beacons
  • Combined sounder beacons
  • Motorised bells
  • Combined bell & strobe

All Vimpex sounders & visual indicators are suitable for Haes Twin Wire systems


Product Overview

Banshee Excel™ BS Base Sounder

The slimmest sounder in its class, the Banshee Excel BS supplies true omni-directional sound output and is fully compatible with the other sounders in the range.

  • 32 tones designed to be compatible with other Banshee Excel sounders
  • EN 54-3 tested and fully approved in accordance with CPR
  • Low current consumption
  • Three selectable volume levels
  • Available in white or ivory to match detectors

Banshee Excel™ CH Sounder

Banshee Excel is manufactured in flame retardant ABS and is available in three colours, making it suitable for a wide range of alarm and signalling applications.

The Banshee Excel is fitted with a professional capsule driven horn. All models use the push and twist bayonet fitting BansheeMT base.

  • 32 user-selectable tones – industry standard compatible
  • Very low current consumption
  • EN 54-3 tested and fully approved in accordance with CPR
  • Three selectable volume levels
  • Rated to IP66 or IP45

Banshee Excel Lite™ CHX & CHL Sounder Beacons

The Banshee Excel Lite combines the aesthetics and performance of the Excel Sounder with either a very bright and efficient Xenon beacon (CHX model) or a low-current LED beacon (CHL model).

Manufactured in flame retardant polymer, the units are available in a choice of base colours and up to 5 different lens colours.

  • Available with either Xenon or LED beacon with a red or white body
  • Choice of lens colours
  • Sounder has 32 user-selectable tones – industry standard compatible
  • Very low current consumption
  • EN 54-3 tested and fully approved in accordance with CPR
  • Rated to IP66 or IP45

Banshee Excel™ FlashDome LED Beacon

The Banshee Excel FlashDome features ultra-efficient LEDs. The FlashDome is 100% compatible with the rest of the Excel sounder and sounder beacon range and utilises the same shallow and deep bases and broad range of accessories.

  • Ultra-efficient LEDs
  • Very low current consumption
  • Sleek, low-profile design

Fire Alarm Bells

Five bells make up the range of 150mm (6 inch) and 200mm (8 inch) internal and external units. Being of aluminium construction, our bells have a very high volume output matched with extremely low power consumption – just 11mA for the 150mm internal.

The specially designed weatherproof bells have an aluminium back box giving either single or double threaded entry for maximum flexibility in installation. This is supplied as a full fixing kit with gasket and screws.

Combined Fire Bell & Strobe

A combined bell and strobe with high sound and light output. Using the market leading aluminium gong for excellent sound output and a clear lens to maximise light output, the Vimpex StroBell is ideal for installations that call for a traditional bell tone but require visual alarm indication as well.

  • Utilises market-leading bell design
  • Ultra bright strobe in clear lens for maximum light output
  • Selectable flash rate – 30/60 per minute
  • Low current consumption


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