Smoke Vent Call Points & Switches

Smoke Vent Call Points & Switches

Orange or yellow Smoke Vent manual call points, fireman’s keyswitches & vent operating rocker switches for use with Haes Automatic Opening Vent control systems.

  • Available in orange or yellow
  • Labelled ‘Smoke Vent’
  • Fireman’s key switch & rocker switch labelled OPEN-AUTO-CLOSE
  • Suitable for use with Haes AOV control panels


Product Overview

Smoke Vent Manual Call Points

Smoke vent call pointsYellow or orange ‘Smoke Vent’ manual call point, 470 Ohm, with resettable element – MCP1A-Y-AOV (Yellow), MCP1A-A-AOV (Orange)

Smoke Vent Key Switches

Smoke vent key switchesYellow or orange ‘Smoke Vent’ fireman’s key switch, OPEN-AUTO-CLOSE – WYK30S-AOV (Yellow), WAK30S-AOV (Orange)

Smoke Vent Rocker Switches

Smoke vent rocker switches Yellow or orange ‘Smoke Vent’ rocker switches, OPEN-AUTO-CLOSE – WY9203-AOV (Yellow), WA9203-AOV (Orange)


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