KAC Manual Call Points

KAC offer an unparalleled range of indoor and outdoor, break glass, re-settable and key operated call points.

  • Indoor and IP rated weatherproof models available
  • Choice of 6 colours: red, green, white, yellow, blue and orange
  • Break glass or re-settable element models
  • Single and double pole variations
  • Plug and play terminal block concept

1B models are suitable for Haes Twin Wire systems


Product Overview

KAC Alarm Company is the World’s largest manufacturer of manual call points used in commercial fire and security systems.

With over 40 years industry experience, they are one of the longest serving brands in emergency evacuation safety.


The latest MCP & WCP ranges have dual connection options with the use of the patented ‘plug & play’ terminal block concept. After wiring the terminal connector, plug into the appropriate position.


KAC terminal diagram


1A & 1B models are supplied with a 470Ω resistor fitted in series but can also be connected without the resistor (short cct). They have a Single Pole changeover contact, rated at 30vdc. Normally Open only.

3A models have no resistor fitted. They have a Single Pole changeover contact, rated at 30vdc, which can be wired, Normally Open or Normally Closed.


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