Cooper Fulleon Sounders

Cooper Fulleon Sounders

A range of electronic sounders and bells from one of the industries leading brands.

  • Squashni Platform/base mounted sounders
  • Roshni wall mount sounders
  • Symphoni wall mount sounders
  • Askari compact sounders
  • Fire alarm bells

All Fulleon sounders and bells are suitable for Haes Twin Wire systems


Product Overview

Squashni platform sounders
Squashni is a platform/base mounted electronic sounder suitable for most makes of conventional detector. Available in standard white or Hochiki ivory.

  • Fixing platform for detector bases
  • 32 tones
  • Low current consumption
  • Blanking cover available for use as a stand alone sounder

Roshni wall mount sounders
The Roshni Low Profile (RoLP) is the fire alarm markets leading conventional sounder. The wide operating voltage and range of tones available to the user make this flexible alarm sounder supremely adaptable in even its most basic forms.

  • Wall mounted with a range of available bases
  • Available in red or white
  • 32 tones (user selectable)
  • Two stage alarm
  • Automatic synchronisation

Symphoni wall mount sounders
The Symphoni is an extremely efficient low current wall sounder. An outdoor (WP) version is also available.

  • Available in red or white
  • Ultra low current
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • WP version suitable for outdoor use available

Askari Compact Sounder
The Askari Compact is a discreet alarm sounder that is available for flush or surface fixing. The sounder provides an excellent combination of high sound output and neat appearance, ideal for retail, hotel and residential applications such as sheltered housing.

  • Available in red or white
  • 32 tones (user selectable)
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Two stage alarm
  • Discrete design

Fire Alarm Bells
Fire alarm bells are the oldest of the fire alarm warnings and are still the fire signal of choice in some markets. Although not providing the flexibility of electronic alarm sounders, bells produce a unique sound that is quite distinctive and unlikely to be confused with any other alarm.

  • CF motorised bell
  • FB Electronic solenoid bell


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