Cooper Fulleon Combined AV

Cooper Fulleon Combined AV

A range of combined sounder/visual indicator devices from one of the industry’s leading brands.

  • Flashni combined sounder with xenon beacon
  • ROLP-SB combined sounder with LED beacon

All Fulleon combined sounder/visual indicators are suitable for Haes Twin Wire systems


Product Overview

Flashni – Combined Sounder With Xenon Beacon
The Flashni is an audible and visual device which requires one single installation point. This greatly reduces installation and costs and is much less obtrusive than two separate devices.

  • High output sounder beacon
  • Automatic sounder synchronisation
  • Volume control
  • Choice of lens / sounder colour combinations
  • Wall mounted with range of available bases

ROLP-SB – Combined Sounder With LED Beacon
The use of beacons to supplement audible alarms is becoming increasingly common. A combined sounder beacon allows both an audible and visual alarm to be provided but requires only a single installation point. LED beacons have a dramatically lower current consumption than that of traditional xenon beacons making them ideal for applications where sounder circuit capacity is limited.

  • Ultra low current – LED technology
  • Sounder & Beacon with a single installation point
  • Unobtrusive low profile design
  • Wall mounted with a range of available bases


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