ELTS-LED-D | Self Test LED Emergency Twin Spot



  • LED Light Source
  • IP65 Protection Rating
  • 3-Hour Emergency Duration
  • Non-Maintained Operation
  • Tested to BS EN 69598-2-22
  • Self Test Complies to BS EN 50172





Designed for both flexibility and easy installation the ELTSLED-D
is suitable for a wide variety of applications with its
fully adjustable, multi-directional twin LED heads.

Weatherproof to IP65 the LED Twin Spot unit is suitable
for both internal and external use and its lightweight
polycarbonate contruction adds to its ease of installation.

The ELTS-LED-D comes with a Self Test as standard and the
unit has four LED status indicators at the front of the fitting
to assist in monitoring and to reduce maintenance costs.

These features make the ELTS-LED-D an excellent choice for
factories and high ceiling applications where maintenance
access can be an issue.


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