160RC Series

160RC Series

Mains powered domestic detectors, RadioLink compatible, with 10yr Lithium battery backup

  • 240v mains powered
  • 10yr lithium battery backup
  • Easy Fit Base
  • Test/silence button
  • RadioLink compatible


Product Overview

When used with the RadioLink base (EI-168RC), 160RC series detectors can be wirelessly linked to each other or any other RadioLink accessory, including a locate & silence controller, call point, CO alarm, relay module & flashing strobe with pillow vibrator for the hearing impaired.

Optical Alarm – EI-166RC

  • Best for slow smouldering fires
  • Large capacity, proven optical sensor chamber
  • Built-in-mesh screen to reduce insect and dust contamination

Heat Alarm – EI-164RC

  • Best for detecting heat build-up from large flaming fires
  • Heat sensor triggers at 58°C

Ionisation Alarm – EI161RC

  • Best for fast flaming fires
  • Proven long life ionisation smoke chamber


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